Angelica + Niko

All good things are wild and free...
— Henry David Thoreau

I've always had a love for horses... Something about them captivated me. While I never really got into riding, I always had daydreams of living out west and riding to my hearts content! For me, that's what it felt like to be free- just you and your horse riding at the break of dawn with nothing but nature surrounding you. Now, maybe I've watched too many movies about this sort of thing, but it's an experience I've always daydreamed about. This photo shoot with the lovely Angelica Allegro brought just a glimpse of that daydream to reality. The second I met Niko, I fell in love. Literally, he's perfect! It was so fun getting to capture Angelica and Niko's relationship together. It was a bond between a horse and a girl just like you see in the movies. I wanted to capture that magical feeling in these photos and I hope you find it as beautiful as I do.


Thanks for reading!! If you're interested in booking a portrait session, please don't hesitate to get in touch. :)