Where the Sky meets the Sea

I'm missing the sun, the wind, and the waves right about now. Turks & Caicos was paradise!! We stayed at the most gorgeous villa right on Long Bay Beach. You couldn't have asked for a more perfect location. As soon as we arrived to the villa, we all pretty much forgot about the terrible flight there haha. The main activity all week was kiteboarding. My brother and dad have been raving about it since last summer and I finally got a chance to learn on this trip with the raddest of the rad- Ken Osiwala. After endless body drags, salt water up the nose, and "superman-ing" 10 ft. across the water, I'm hooked. Everything was a dream. Elle got to be a mermaid for a week and Theo turned into the little surfer babe he was always meant to be. I honestly cannot wait to come back to this beautiful island! New spring break tradition possibly?