Where the Sky meets the Sea

I'm missing the sun, the wind, and the waves right about now. Turks & Caicos was paradise!! We stayed at the most gorgeous villa right on Long Bay Beach. You couldn't have asked for a more perfect location. As soon as we arrived to the villa, we all pretty much forgot about the terrible flight there haha. The main activity all week was kiteboarding. My brother and dad have been raving about it since last summer and I finally got a chance to learn on this trip with the raddest of the rad- Ken Osiwala. After endless body drags, salt water up the nose, and "superman-ing" 10 ft. across the water, I'm hooked. Everything was a dream. Elle got to be a mermaid for a week and Theo turned into the little surfer babe he was always meant to be. I honestly cannot wait to come back to this beautiful island! New spring break tradition possibly?

Make for the Seaside

The winter has been rough to say the least... The below freezing temperatures have kept us cooped up inside for days on end. My heart has ached to be outside, to be by the water, to feel and hear something other than the dullness of the furnace buzzing throughout the house. And, I know the kids are so eager to run free! This day was unexpected. I woke up to find that Philip was running late for work and I had to get everyone out the door to get Elle to school on time. What I thought would be a stressful morning, turned into an imperfectly perfect one. As we rush out the door, I stop and see the fog. It was everywhere. And it was beautiful!! The warmth outside was so refreshing. I almost let Elle stay home from school so we could venture out in the fog together, but she was too excited for class so I quickly dropped her off and ran off to the pier with Theo! It was nothing short of magical. You couldn't hear anything but the ice crackling and the soft wind blowing. It was so serene. And on top of all the little giggles coming from Theo, my heart was at its happiest! 

I'm excited to start blogging more of our daily adventures! 2017 is going to be a good one...

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