If my current ways can no longer carry me, I don’t want to row in that boat any longer— I stand face to face with the dark yet kind-gestured storm clouds that are smiling at me with secrets of splendour— and almost like a song I sing right at them with fierce ocean eyes asking them to “Sway towards me” — I want the change, and the thirst, and the mess, and the surge, and the growth, and the freedom and the creativity— I want the alchemy of it all to charge at me like a dance with no shoes.

We were never created for comfy.
— Tess Guinery

Some call me a free spirit, but I'd say I'm just extremely passionate. What is life if we don't take risks and choose happiness? I believe we have the choice to be happy. I believe we have the choice to love. Daily, I'm inspired by people and their dreams. I witness precious moments and I see the potential that every single person holds inside of them. I wish to inspire others to see their potential, to dream big, and to chase life and see all it has to offer. I've always had a love for design and creativity. Beautifully crafted things are my weakness, but also my inspiration. I found myself pursuing the art of storytelling and making photography apart of my everyday life. I hope to capture and share with you all moments in this wondrous life that we all live. And I hope you find it as beautiful as I do.

I'm currently booking for 2018! Feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have. I'd love to hear from you! :)